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Jolene Smith takes a unique approach to your space, helping to identify your specific sense of style and giving you confidence to create a space that complements your daily life.

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designing for fine living
As a full service designer, my goal is to carefully orchestrate and facilitate the selection and design of a comfortable living space that is based on my client’s needs, their budget and their wants and individual personalities.
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designing for fine living

Our Approach

As you might imagine, many of my clients are intrigued and excited by the idea of transforming their home spaces into something they’ve always dreamed about (even if they’re not yet sure what that vision is). And the first thing they want to know is how we’ll make the magic.
In other words, what’s the process?

The answer, of course, is that the “process” changes for each and every individual, simply because people are uniquely different, with their own tastes, sensibilities, and budgets. But to help you imagine how I might work for you, here are some basic philosophies I employ in my approach to design.

Comfort is key

Your home is your sanctuary, and in that special space, there is always a room (or two) that people gravitate to. So as I like to say, “It’s not about what you see in the room, it’s about how you feel being in it." Whether you’re overtly aware of it or not, your new space should provide contentment, relaxation, and an intimate joy every time you use it.

Colors are personal, and unique to the individual

Color, and color combinations, can have a profound affect on a person’s mood, cognitive functions, creativity, and productivity. This is where it gets personal. Vibrant reds, maroons, or other warm tones can generate feelings of passion and energy. If you prefer a more relaxed setting, cool, calming hues like blue, green, or lavender might set the tone. And neutral colors promote a sense of serenity and sophistication.

Color really is all about you. But it isn’t the only thing to consider.

Texture brings dimension and points of interest to a room

The ability to expertly mix patterns, fabrics, and other materials, based not only on their color, but also their texture, is a hallmark of luxury interior design. The fun part is: texture comes in and from many, many forms. Think furniture, carpet and rugs, floor and wall décor, and even architectural elements within the room. They can all add visual and tactile appeal that delight the senses.

There’s only one you

Your new room is not only your refuge, it’s a statement about who you are and what’s important in your life. That’s why I like to incorporate my “layers of life” philosophy. Together, we’ll discover items to put in the room that tells the story of who lives there (you!) and reveals the incredibly unique personality that only you can possess.

The entire point of interior design is to reconnect you to your home. So open your eyes – and mind – to the possibilities. This is going to be fun!

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